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About Rob

Rob's an accomplished technology professional with more than 25 years of experience managing and collaborating with people with a wide range of skills.

He has a strong background in web development, content management, document imaging and workflow, tax and accounting, and knowledge management.

He is a business analyst/project manager/consultant with equal parts technical aptitude and business acumen and a consultative approach to finding creative solutions to real customer problems.
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About The Site

This web site was originally created back in 2007 as a blog for me to comment on random stuff here and there like music, sports, technology, politics, and current events. Unfortunately I no longer have time for blogging, so it's just a placeholder for anyone interested in finding out more about me.

This web site is also a place for me to experiment with modern web technologies, plug-ins and add-ons. The site was build using modern web standards. Its structural markup is X-HTML and its layout is CSS. The syndication feed is served using RSS.
Where Can I Contact Rob?

Just click on "
Email Rob" above to send me an email or go to my Contact Form page. Most days, Rob can be spotted in southern New Jersey in a suburb of Philadelphia, PA., usually with a cinnamon dolce latte in his hands. If not found in the real world, he usually wastes his time on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or reading Email, all of which can be accessed using the Social Media Icons above and/or below.
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