Dear young people, "Don't Vote"

Great ad and very accurate. In 2016, Trump's voters showed up.  So many stayed home.

So go ahead: "Stay home, don't vote".

Source:  Dear young people, "Don't Vote"

Description:  This country belongs to whomever shows up. And do you know who shows up for every election? Old people. But only 46% of people 18-34 years old voted in the last election.

Can't Get Comfortable In Your Chair?

A couple of really good ideas on how to adjust your chair for better posture in this NPR article.


Can't Get Comfortable In Your Chair? Here's What You Can Do


Chair design shifted dramatically about a hundred years ago, and it hasn't been good for our backs. Our daily lives are filled with chairs that make our posture worse. Luckily, we've got hacks.


Long Weekend

Today's anthem


Trombone Shorty- Long Weekend

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