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Why I'm With Her

I imagine it’s not much of a surprise to learn that I plan on voting for Hillary Clinton next week. I haven’t necessarily been a fan, but I have been consistently anti-Trump for as long as he’s been a viable candidate.

I do not believe — as many extremely intelligent and thoughtful and progressive people I genuinely respect happen to believe — that Hillary represents the lesser of two evils. I believe she’s flawed, hawkish, and can be ruthless. And I’m very well aware she’s done her fair share of bad things.

I also believe she’s very competent. In both good and bad ways. I believe she's insanely qualified for this position. I believe she has grown. Whether that growth is politically motivated or not doesn’t matter much to me. I just care that it exists. And I believe she’s the only adult left standing after an insanely long campaign.

But this isn’t why I’m voting for her.

I’m voting for her because I do not want to live in an America where the type of people who fervently and unconditionally support Trump — who exist so motivated by and permeated with hate and fear and loathing — have a reason to be optimistic about their beliefs.

I don't want these people to feel good or inspired. I don't want them to experience any measure of positive reinforcement. No encouragement. No energy. No invigoration. No revitalization. Instead I want them to feel confusion and shame for coming out into the light.

I also want to somehow convince them to not hate me and people who look like me. Because the America I know and grew up believing in simply shouldn't allow hateful beliefs to flourish. We are better than that.

I still can't believe the ugly, hateful and ignorant things he has said.

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